African-American Males in the Mixed Gender High Schools

The number of African-American males graduating from high school is very dismal, pathetic, and even chilling to the current society in America. It is a discouraging scenario to the country. America graduates only about 47% of the African American males who enter their ninth grade level of schooling just after the four years. Both the harmonization of the federal dollars and the support offered has failed to salvage the issue of African American dropout rates among students. African-American males face an uphill task in the battle to educational supremacy since their graduation history and statistics are watering down across America. The purpose of the study is to examine and exploit reasons and factors responsible for the high dropout rate among African-American males in the United States of America. The setting of the research is across all the States of America, but concentrates on the large urban District schools.

The study sample consisted of African-American males who dropped out of school at their school age. There were no interviews or questionnaires used in the study. Instead, the study took center on the available data from government sites and other previous studies concerning the same issue, especially the Schott Foundation. The data collection and analysis took a Meta analysis approach. The results revealed that the dropouts were because of both academic and none academic factors. The nonacademic factors took a center stage in the issue as opposed to the academic factors. The factors include issues like readiness to learn, family background, role models, and peers’ pressure among others. These factors were most imperative in the correlation to the African-American males’ dropouts in high school. The presence of rigorous standards in academics with the relevant curriculum will only bring in positive results if the social and cultural aspects of education are in place.


All things are possible with the help and direction of God. I thank the Almighty God for granting me the chance to embrace each challenge and victory I have come across during the days and journey of my doctoral studies. I am very grateful for the people along my pathway to success. Words cannot adequately give the expression of my deep appreciation to the Chairman of my committee. His Encouragement, patience, and expertise surely inspired me to soldier on with the writing and revising of my paper. His suggestions during several countless hours of discussion on the topic enabled me maintain the focus and passionate zeal for the study.

Special thanks go to each of the committee members for the help accorded to me in the expansion of my thinking and the elevation of the quality of my work. Particularly, I am obliged to thank my mentor and superintendent for his commitment to holding me accountable to doing the best of my capability in my work. His diplomatic seminar course and feedback were essential features to the success of the study. Lastly, I must appreciate my family, friends, and colleagues in the provision of a shared motivation, love, and laughter.

Byron Lyons



The entire dissertation work is dedicated to the African-American males suffering out there in the ever-changing society of the learned individuals in America. I also dedicate my work to my family members, especially my beloved wife and children.

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