Applying for MBA Course

If you think your post-secondary grades do not accurately reflect your abilities, please indicate why?

I am applying for MBA course because I am sure that the program I have chosen will help develop my personal and professional skills. In addition, I believe that my contribution and participation in the program will help me in my future career, as I had always desired to become a successful entrepreneur. After going through the program details and reading the experiences of previous passed out students, I am very much confident now. Students who come from diverse backgrounds and join MBA program and successfully complete the same.

However, when I was asked to put my thoughts on whether post-secondary grades reflect my ability or not – I sincerely want to say that, it does not affect my career in any way. If that were true, many students who acquired high percentage would have been great businessmen. But in reality, it is not true. Those who are successful today are those who have the passion and the zeal to do something different and they do not possess great academic careers as well.

I am very much clear about my goals and the skills that I possess. Though I had weaknesses with many subject arrears in the first half of my post-secondary education, but I improved my grades in the second half of my study and achieved an overall 61%, which I think is a great achievement from my side.

As far as MBA program is concerned, I truly believe that I have the power and the acumen to become a successful businessman. I want to make a difference in the corporate world and that’s the reason why I have chosen Simon Fraser University MBA program. This program will definitely help sharpen my professional as well as personal skills in the best possible manner.

I am looking forward to studying at Simon Fraser University and I, therefore, humbly request you to accept my MBA application and allow me to study the program. I assure you that I will do my best of my capability and I trust myself for the same.

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