Basic Elements of Technical Writing

According to Page (2013), technical writing is a specialised form of writing that helps readers understand technology, a process, product or a concept. Therefore, the major elements to be considered are: one, clarity; this helps the readers to understand the logical flow of the information. The writer should therefore use headings, titles, illustrations and tables. The second one is accuracy. In order to ensure credibility among the readers, one ought to write accurate and factual content, this is done through differentiating between facts and opinions and also by providing a list of references to similar work where readers can cross check if need be. Third one is brevity; the writer needs to be brief by writing short and straight to the point sentences, this element is useful as readers normally find it easy to read and understand short sentences.

“Medical Details Section” in the form I filled before I joined college persuaded me to do something by power, relationship and rational connections. In this section I was to provide my medical details to the school administration. This written information, through the power, persuaded me to go for medical testing so that I could give accurate details. The relationship I had with the college also persuaded me to go for the testing because I was joining as a student. In addition to that, the rational relationship also persuaded me to go for the testing because I understood that it was reasonable and important to let the college know of my medical status so that they may provide necessary assistance if needed.

In the topic “How to prevent gang violence in communities,” the audience may resist the solution of handing over criminals to the police. This is a situation where a criminal has been apprehended by the public and instead of handing him/her to the police, they opt for mob justice; a form of gang violence. In order to bridge this resistance, I would like to explain the disadvantages of mob justice. For example, it may result to death and someone might hold responsibility for the death and even jailed for taking the law into their hands. I would like to explain the importance of handing over the suspect to the police as well. For example, the suspect will be jailed and he/she may reform to a better person while behind bars.

Functional method of organization is where products are arranged according to their functional purposes, for example, in a medical lab, acids are grouped together while the bases are arranged separately bottom (Martinez, Wells, Hannigan, Peterson & Stephenson 2008). According to Martinez et al (2008), spatial Method of organisation is a method of organisation whereby an object is described using its physical characteristics, for example, its colour, size or nature. It is also an organisation method where an object may be described using its arrangement or its position. For instance, left, right, top or bottom. Martinez et al (2008), also define the chronological method of organization as one which lists events or steps in the order in which they occurred or in which they should follow each other. This method is very important because it is associated with time and since most events in human brain are organized chronologically, it is easier for people to understand and remember. People tend to easily remember events which flow chronologically.


In conclusion, technical writing is a major tool for helping consumers or readers to understand a concept. It therefore ought to be clear, simple and straight to the point so that the readers get the message at once.

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