Challenges during the Educational Research

The educational sector is a huge sector with so many stakeholders and interested persons and to obtain an all round data, I would need to access as many participants as possible. This therefore will require so much time as I attempt to reach as many stakeholders and interested persons as possible which may not be realistically possible. However, to obtain a fair coverage of all the stakeholders, I intend to segregate the sector into strata, for instance the policy makers (Government agencies), implementation team, teaching fraternity, the student community, and the parents. From each of the strata, I will select a representative sample and this will cut on time required while ensuring sufficient coverage.

Yet, even with the stratification of the population, some key participants may not be accessible due to their nature of work. To circumvent this, I intend to obtain advance scheduling of an interview at the time that is most convenient for the interviewee. If it becomes apparent that obtaining an interview is practically impossible to secure, I can administer a questionnaire for the participant to fill in his/her most appropriate time. If this also fails, I will request for referral to an equally resourceful person from whom I will obtain the same information. Other participants may also be so widespread or remotely located such that reaching them is a challenge. For this class of participants, I will go for a telephone interview which would be fast and generative of sufficient data.

I consider myself strong in conducting interviews. I am able to dig for information from an interviewee and obtain clarifications with much ease. However, there are some instances where interviews are not practically possible and questionnaires come in handy. I need improvement in designing questionnaires that brings out adequate, relevant and sufficient data to reach credible conclusions.

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