College Admission Essay

Criminal justice refers to a set of practices and organizations of government that aim to mitigate and deter crime and uphold social control by sanctioning individuals who break laws with rehabilitation efforts and criminal efforts. As a result, the criminal justice system serves to reduce the incidences of crime in the society by bringing forth more offences to justice. This can only be done if the laws geared towards the protection of individuals and communities are enforced and the systems successfully raise public interest.

Criminal justice has been a field of my interest from the days of my childhood because it is always my desire to see the dispensation of justice to all in the society through the enforcement of laws and standardized code of conduct. Secondly, my inherent ability and determination to study juvenile justice, policing, criminal law, and criminal procedure and community corrections constitute my motivation to venture in the specialized field of criminal justice.

The criminal justice studies such as community policing, criminal law, corrections and juvenile justice is known to offer ready employment to the majority of American citizens in different federal states of the United States. Being a new field of study, the job market is largely unexplored compared to other fields of specializations hence creating more and new job opportunities not only in the U.S. but different parts of the world. Therefore, I will better placed to take care of my ailing old grandparents in meeting their hospital bills.

Finally, my undying concern for mankind and strong desire to create a better world for everyone is another reason why I want to pursue criminal justice. I would really wish to take my efforts to serve humankind to a higher level though active involvement in the various faculties of criminal justice given an opportunity to study criminal justice.

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