College vs Schools

While some people consider colleges and high schools to be very common they are different in many ways. College provides the student with more freedom and one has more control over the education. On the other hand the quantum of work is much higher despite the freedom gained. Yet, freedom in the high schools is comparatively limited. It is mostly home or hostel, while it could be completely different in case of college. (Source: Kayla Ladwig – College Vrs School – Compare and Contrast Essay – October 28, 2008)

A child under 18, as is the case of most of the school students, must stay at home by the midnight. Restrictions are also imposed in the school and the life of the student is confined inside a limited sphere with little independence in form of some playing time or merry making. And even during those times they could well be under the surveillance of their guardians and teachers. Classes run consecutively for 8 years, through the weekdays with the weekend only respite. One good thing is that teachers are more personal with the students and can resolve their problems instantly in many cases.

College students on the other hand mostly do not live with their parents and are free of their controlling guardianship. Unlike the school students thy do not have to attend classes for consecutive eight hours. Leisure periods are always there and they have the independence to decide whether they would attend the class or spend the time in some other way. Apart from the class time the rest of the time is their own. Only setback is that the quantum of work in college is comparatively higher than the schools and it could tend to indirectly bind the students into shackles. Also the personal touch of the high school teachers is often missing in the high grade faculties of the colleges. Help in education of career building is not as instant here as in the schools. Bottom line is that “School is school, no matter what grade you are in”. Rules in high schools are rigid and are lenient in colleges in many aspects. Yet getting a grade in schools is comparatively easier in the homogeneous environment in the schools than in the heterogeneous environment of the colleges.

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