Creationism versus Evolution Theory


Over the years there has been raging debate on the best theory that explains the origin of the Earth. This debate has found its way into public schools. Currently, only Darwin’s evolution theory is in the curriculum and this has prompted the advocates of creationism in action proposing the inclusion of Christianity creationism in public schools. The debate has been particularly witnessed in the several U.S states, an example being Kansas, where creationism was introduced in 1999, but removed from the syllabus in 2001 due to opposing views among the elected board members. This begs the question, should creationism be taught in public schools, and do the parents have the right to decide what is taught in school?


Parents influence in what is taught in schools is currently limited and it should remain that way. Public schools are communal utilities, and there are no restrictions whoever is enrolled, therefore, there are all manners of students from different backgrounds. As a result, if every parent is given a chance to dictate  what will not be taught to their children, there will be as many syllabuses as the number of students in that class. Most public schools have experts who constantly review and examine curriculums. The recommendations made are forwarded to the school boards who then hold a public meeting meaning, where even the parents are invited. This provides the most appropriate avenue for parents to influence what is taught to their children (Wellman).

However, the recommendation made must be within the constitution, therefore, any decision made must be within the law. Regarding whether creationism should be taught in public schools, the most appropriate decision is to leave creationism out of the curriculum. The United States is a cosmopolitan country; therefore, there are many different people with divergent beliefs. For that reason teaching creationism, which basically is based on beliefs of one religion, would be inappropriate (Pennock, 2002). The United States supreme court ruled out the teaching of creationism as a science as unconstitutional. Therefore, the teaching of creationism amounts to imposition of religious beliefs to students, which is prohibited by the United States constitution.

In conclusion the teaching of creationism as seen is controversial subject but no matter which side one is, the constitution must be respected. This is in a bid to appreciate the diverse cultures and religion in the country and in Saint Leo University and to reducing conflicts. The unity of a country depends on how united the country is, and its diversity despite the religion.

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