Difference between Hypothesis and Research Question

Hypothesis is a set of propositions, brought forth as explanations to justify the occurrence of specified set of phenomena, asserted just as a provisional conjecture of guiding an investigation. It is a proposition which is assumed to be a premise during an argument. It can also be considered as the antecedent in a conditional proposition. A hypothesis is regarded as a statement used for prediction. It tends to describe expectations of what will happen. A research activity is performed so as to ascertain the validity of a hypothesis. The research can prove whether a hypothesis is true or false.   

A research question is defined as the methodological point of commencement in any form of scholarly research, both in natural and social sciences. It is an organizing element of any topic under study. A research question is used to focus an investigation on the narrow area in the topic under study. It is the question upon which findings in any research activity will be based. A research question is the statement that defines the parameters of an investigation. For example, in a college paper, the research question can be stated in the form of a thesis. A research question is not the same as a hypothesis.

A research question is a largely focused question, which is used to address a single concept or a component in a hypothesis. A hypothesis, on the other hand, is a statement which is used to state a relationship that is prevalent between two variables. A research question is a part of heuristic research, which is based on the past experiences. A hypothesis, on the other hand, is a deductive research, whereby researchers employ logic as well as scientific findings to approve or disapprove assumptions. A hypothesis is considered to be an idea that could be true. Researchers use a research question to perform experimentations, which could prove whether a hypothesis is factual or false. It is obvious that a research question is always phrased as a question. Hypotheses, on the other hand, are statements depicting the purpose of a research that are phrased without a question.

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