During the Semester

Through the course I learned that successful writing requires a well introduction that will provide value and ideas that a business writer may succeed in a pursuit of a business career and/or world.

During the semester I conducted research, wrote persuasive strategies, wrote public presentations, visual communication, interpersonal and group communication and explanations of production through technology. All forms of writings provide different strategies, which strengthened my writing skills and understandings of business topics. The emphasis of integration theories provided a better understanding and a platform for professional positions for good writing and editing for corporations, public businesses, and non-profit communications. Furthermore, it has strengthened by ability to produce visual papers through photography and computer technology. Furthermore, I learned how to thoroughly examine social issues objectively and facilitating group communication, which can become highly difficult when multiple personality are involved in the development of a project. Such taught me that communication is key to successful work but ethics are of most importance in any form of business. 

This class also taught me the ability to solve problems and make complex value decisions. Regardless of the career path I will take, whether it will be in advertising, publishing, human relations, media communications, technical writing, event planning, or public relations, weighing decisions about what and how to communicate means employing a system of ethics. Not only will such ethics provide positive influence in a career life but also prior to the real world work, it will prove to be valuable in business school. In my chosen field of business, I find it highly important that a steady flow of communication is established, which requires people to listen when someone speaks regardless of the level or leadership role one may find them in. Successful business requires good teamwork and good teamwork is established through ethical and positive communication that involves all personnel. It was a valuable lesson to learn that I feel it will truly benefit me in my future studies or my future business endeavors.

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