Education as a File Attached

Today’s system of education is mainly considering the student as a bin for information. With a while You are starting to feel as a landfill in witch is pushed to match of everything with no possibility to filtration and segregation of the data. This is a major problem nowadays. Tutors forget about that they could learn something from the students and experience something new and unknown especially when they are teaching according to one system for more then twenty years. The world is changing each year, the generations change and therefore requires a change in the system.

Every speaker or tutor loves the audience; especially a generous one witch listens. Unfortunately some forget about that a really thankful audience does not only applause but reacts, argues and sets the narration of the speaker on question. Education these days has a tendency to develop in the limit of constant in a way of putting the information in to a student with leaving no option to interact in this process.

According to Freire “Education thus becomes an act of depositing, in which the students are the depositories and the teacher is the depositor. Instead of communicating, the teacher issues communiqués and makes deposits which the students patiently receive, memorize, and repeat”. (Friere, 1993). According to his theory of “banking” style of the education the student is only receiving the information, documenting it and reproduce it in the way he was thought without any additional narration from himself.

Every student interacted with that  method of teaching when you are just receiving the information and supposed only to collect it and pass it the same way to somebody else. The teacher is only reproducing the same data in the same style as for the many times before and is convinced that this the best way of teaching.

Recalling one situation of my experience when a teacher of world literature was just conveying the information from the book and each student had to make the notes exactly like it was written there. Then on the exam there were several question and when somebody did not answered them in the exact way accordingly to the book he was accused in not having a desirable level of education. In other words, each explanation of some piece of literature in your own way and not according to some recognized reviewer  was considerate a crime against the system. So the only way to get a good mark was to learn everything by heart and give the teacher what he demanded and was aware of that this statements were approved by somebody legitimate. Student were not considerate as someone honorable to give their own explanation of the piece because: “to say something to be noticed and approved you have to have a Diploma”.(Teacher T.A.).

This way the student becomes only a carrier of the information, no over thinking, no argue, no development on the topic, no investigation on it. This is a pure example of “banking” according to Friere(1993). Student become just somebody who stores the knowledge and not studies it purpose. This way we do not have the right to call our self students because this are named : any person who studies, investigates or examines thoughtfully.(Bobrow, 1964).

Hereby the word today looses its content because according to mentioned below system of education there is no prosperity of thinking and analyzing. The student became only an audience and not a participant in the process of education. This is a pure equilibrium effect witch is stopping every emotion from the roots deleting the dialogue between the student and the teacher thus deleting every chance to progress.

From the beginning of our life we are cast in to roles putted on us by other people; people who we consider to be authorities and we have to listen to them. Howsoever it should be something else we should be doing. We should convey a dialogue because only in dialogue people are taking a step in to learning one from another. Only the  dialogue between teacher and student when the teacher is not only the one who teaches but also the one who is being teached can rein back the vision of the world as a constant and reflect it as a reality in process. This way the education will stop being just a file that is attached to us but stars being a way of developing.

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