Education is the First Step to Excellent Professional Skills

The debate over education and real life experience try to find the best approach for learners to save time but master professional skills. Some people suppose that school education is useless because it does not allow a person to obtain professional skills in a particular discipline. In general, the entire school education is effective in increasing general cognitive abilities as well as the specific abilities taught in each segment. Instance, a person would never become a professional architecture studying practical skills only. (Moddings, 2006) Architects and builders have relied more heavily on case studies, on tinkering as they were building, on mini-experiments carried out during a single project (e.g., the invention of buttresses for cathedrals), and most recently on a well worked-out theory. Some of the things that make it more like architecture are the difficulty of exactly replicating a method in different sites, and the possibility of obtaining rich data during the development of a process (Wolf, 2003). Practical knowledge and skills are crucial for success but a person cannot obtain good professional skills without understanding of the subject matter. School education is important for very person because it helps students to master theoretical knowledge and develop such cognitive skills as decision-making, reasoning, rational thinking and problem-solving.

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