Empowerment of People

Education is one of the ways for empowering individuals. Schooling allows an individual to identify and exploit opportunities in the business world. Education also provides an individual with the platforms of being able to examine, analyze, and make key decisions in the business world and his future career. For example, a person who has a bachelor’s degree feels empowered in the sense that the qualification signifies the individual’s willingness to work and compete with the rest of employees in the job market.

Another way of empowering individuals is carried out through assigning them with meaningful responsibilities, which put into practice particular potential and skills. This will make the personality feel appreciated in terms of his qualifications. In addition to the assignment of meaningful responsibilities, organizations can also empower people through effective and rewarding salary, as well as recognition system. Individual empowerment occurs when an organization pays them well and rewards them in other ways other than the salary.

Disempowerment of Individuals

Individual disempowerment may occur for a number of reasons. First, it can occur when people choose to let their emotions control their behavior. Secondly, individual disempowerment may happen when the person takes on the burden of someone else. Allowing another individual to drain one’s energy in any way may also lead to disempowerment. Lastly, disempowerment may occur when an individual fails to take opportunities that come into their ways.

Personal empowerment can lead to collective empowerment when everyone uses the strengths of individual empowerment towards the achievement of the organization’s collective goal of. For example, in an organization, all employees may use their individual skills in positions that suit their empowerments. This may probably cause the empowerment of the entire team in achieving the organizational goals.

Social change organizations empower their individual members through networking programs. Members of the organizations usually network with each other in and out of the organizations. Networking allows certain members to share experiences and ideas surrounding the social aspects of the group.

Mission and Profit Driven Organizations

Mission-driven organizations are peculiar organizing forms that have strategic business approach, which centralizes on its core mission. The mission of the organization is the primary focus of all marketing, production and competition programs. The approach of a mission-driven organization relies on the organization’s desire to promote and enhance the goals, aims, and purposes of the company as outlined in its mission statement. Mission-driven organizations also aim at communicating the benefits of realizing the organizational goals to the stakeholders of the company.

On the other hand, a profit-driven organization is an organization that conducts all its production, marketing, and operations programs with the primary objective of maximizing the profits collected from the company’s activities. This implies that the organization may as well go against its principle objectives and goals as long as the result is to raise high profits from the business. Profit-driven organizations tend to forego many ethical considerations and corporate social responsibilities.

Heartland Alliance is an example of a mission-driven organization. According to the mission statement of the organization, this company advances human rights and responds to the human needs of all endangered populations. This mission statement is manifested in most of their actions, including supporting the poor, displaced and isolated persons in the society.

Norfolk Southern is an example of a profit-driven organization. The mission of the organization clearly highlights that people create the most vital background of the company. However, over the past years, we have seen most of the company’s activities being centered on raising revenue collections at the expense of maintaining positive relations with consumers and harmony among employees.

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