Hidden Intellectualism

According to the reading in the chapter, Gerald Graff presents his ideas and information in a manner that tries to bring out an intellectualism as an “uncomplicated truths”. In his believes that through participating in an issue like argument concerning a certain issue, will definitely help in building up skills and thus revealing as the intellectualism as an uncomplicated truth. When Graff gives his own experience, it’s evident through his findings and he has done enough research on this. On the other hand, when he tries to compare and convert intellectualism with academic work, it also brings out the relation between the intellectualism with the academic work. Through his essay, he tries to uncover the strength of the intellectualism and how intellectualism could be used to get a solution to a given problem. This has convinced me that intellectualism is an uncomplicated truth.

The establishment of the academic knowledge is a process. Before the academic knowledge is established, there must be a willingness that is based with the particular academic knowledge. Example, for a learner to acquire much knowledge in a given subject, he must first develop an interest towards the subject. That interest will work as driving power and will give the student much interest to learn more and acquire more. This is how the great researchers and achievers achieved their goal as stipulated by Graff in his essay. When the student gets wide knowledge and is able to use the acquired knowledge, it is regarded as an established knowledge. In this regard the professors and the researchers might think that particular knowledge the student has acquired would need to be revised. In some instances, the environment or the way of doing any given issue needs to be advanced or the method used has become obsolete, this brings about the revision of the knowledge used.

In any given research, there are many challenges and that tries to bring about the bias or oppose the achieved results. In my research, there was a doubt on whether the intellectualism can be linked with the academic knowledge. I evidenced this through giving a general and common happening. For instance, when a student develops an interest in a given subject, he is able to acquire much knowledge and whenever anything related is discussed, the student masters it easily. It’s not easy to select what to research on, but uniqueness of the subject reduces biases and also increases the reader’s interest as well.

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