History of Education in America

Medieval tradition was the culture that marked the spread of education all over Europe. The medieval period was quite significant since it marked the time when the church conducted schooling programs. The concept was brought forward by French King Charlemagne who realized the need for education. The Renaissance marked the period when new arts were developed. This era was significant to education since new ideas in modern-day design were formulated. Scientific thinking was brought forth by great geographical discoveries. The period was important to education since new scientific ideas that were useful to education were initiated during this time (Pulliam, 2006, chapter 1). The religious revolution marked the period when Christianity was rapidly spread through the world. The period was essential to education since it is during this time that education was spread all over the world. Teachers can benefit from studying these concepts since they create an idea of the past to enable a better future. Secondly, educationalists can gain from this knowledge since they will have an alleyway of teaching history to their students. Finally, the knowledge about education in the past is beneficial in creating a smooth learning experience amongst scholars. My personal observation is that there is a requirement in people that is not defined. People long for history of education because the new world creates a mindset, which makes individuals wish to understand the past. I agree with the fact that people must be encouraged to learn about the past. This is because education is interesting and has helped me join ideas in my life.

Yes, this is because early scholars in America created a mindset that has made many people come up with decisions, which have impacted the way the modern-day American society is running (Pulliam, 2006, chapter 3). This is the fact that can be attributed to the way the modern day American education system struggles to relate to the world and at the same time isolate itself. I can personally attest to these situations since I have witnessed many people relating the American education system to no other in the world. This matter is important to me since it concerns the overall perception of education for a very long time. I do not entirely concur with the idea that education should be controlled with a mindset. The information is relevant to my current education since the type of education that I am getting is directly linked to the ideas that were set by early scholars.

Societal changes led to curriculum development in the United States since the new immigrants came up with an idea that they needed to come up with an education system that was different from the home country (Pulliam, 2006, chapter 4). The difference between the three types of schools is the level of supervision. There have been major efforts to try to expand educational access to people and make it sustainable so that there could be equality in the education system. This matter is interesting to me since it has helped me to shape the scope of thinking and perception of the past. However, I do not agree with the fact that societal changes had an effect of the way the curriculum was conducted. This information is relevant to my current education since I have been able to understand the current education system by relating to past ideas.

Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster and Robert Coram are some of the pioneers of early education. The initiators used policies and practices that encouraged equal learning amongst the citizens. The policy is still widely utilized today in the education system (Pulliam, 2006, chapter 5). This matter is interesting to me since it has helped me realize the need of equality in education system. Nonetheless, I do not agree with the fact that some people should get a better education than others. This factor is still present in the current education system because there are still public and private schools.  

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