Homeschooling in America

Homeschooling refers to a system of educating children at home in which parents take the role of tutors or hire tutors to teach their children. This means that children do not have to go to school but pursue their education at home. In developed countries and especially in America, homeschooling is the best alternative to attending normal schools. It may follow an approved curriculum according the laws of the land. This essay explicates homeschooling in America.

Homeschooling could turn into an alternative for education because it allows for closer attention to students. Gaither (2008) asserts that in homeschooling, a parent or an assigned tutor would be in a better position to identify the weaknesses of a student and help appropriately. This is unlike in the normal schooling environment where there are many students, hence making it hard for teachers to identify and particular problems relating to students. Homeschooling would become popular because it makes students develop stronger academic capabilities due to the way problems are solved. In addition, students would develop a better understanding of the lessons taught. Teachers and parents would be in a better position to emphasize the details, which are addressed to students.

 Parents would be able to spend time with their children compared to a situation when they are required to attend normal schools. Homeschooling keeps children closer to their parents because they do not have to attend schools that could be far away from their home in order to access education. They stay at home for most of their education time, hence being closer to their parents. This means that parents are able to identify the various problems relating to their children and solve them appropriately. There would be development of stronger family bonds brought about by this closeness. Thus, homeschooling would become popular because it promotes family bonds by keeping children closer to their parents.

I think homeschooling could become a more viable option to the US public schools because of the more advantages attached to it. Homeschooling is advantageous as it promotes better understanding, reduces wastage of time because it does not follow a fixed program, it boosts family bonds, and it opens up students to more opportunities. According to Gaither (2008), homeschooling is a cheaper system of education compared to attending public schools. These advantages would make it a more viable opportunity compared to public schools, hence making most individuals adopt it. It leads to better growth and development among children because they can be attached to their parents.

I would consider homeschooling for my children. Firstly, I would consider it for my children because it is cheaper. One is not required to pay fees to schools because children study at home. The reduced costs can be used to seek other vital opportunities for these children. Secondly, I would consider homeschooling because of the closer attention that is given to students. It gives students the opportunity to understand more of the presented information. Therefore, I would prefer homeschooling to the normal school attendance.

In conclusion, homeschooling refers to the process whereby students get education from their homes by their parents or hired tutors. It could turn into a popular opportunity for education because it promotes family attachments as children stay together with their children for longer. There is also a closer attention to students, hence facilitating better understanding. Children get a closer attention, and tutors are able to identify the particular problems relating to them. It would become a more viable opportunity compared to public schools because it is cheaper and allows for more understandability of the curriculum. Homeschooling could be more appropriate and comfortable way of studying than public schools.

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