How to Study a Test

Tests are always taken with one main intention of elevating an individual from one step of academic excellence to another. It is a stepping stone that the academicians and learners use to be able to gauge the competence and capability within an individual. One of the main secrets to a greater achievement after attending a test is to be portraying efficacy and effectiveness to adhere to the instructions that are given. Besides this, determination and self drive are the other ingredients for a success in a test. There is therefore a vehement need for someone to be adequately prepared before attempting a test. There are various tips on how to prepare for a test, likewise the actions that are supposed to be taken at a test room or during the test period.

The first major step is the availability of the individual and the resources to be used. An individual has to be totally available and be prepared physically, psychologically, emotionally, etc, in preparation for a test. Materials for study have to be available to the learner at an appropriate time. The materials include those obtained from attending a lecture and those acquired from the library as the internet. The student has to be well conversant with these materials as he/she should study well in order to achieve a good mastery of the content and the ideas behind them. It is therefore crucial that the student attends every lecture, takes the notes and all the materials issued by the facilitator and finally have a thorough study of the materials. The student has to be well prepared over this because there is always no doubt that the test questions will come from these parts or even the application of the ideas got in these materials.

The second major step in preparation for a test is to go through the previous tests that had been done before by the student including those done by the students of the previous class. Having grasped the concepts in the materials issued for study, there is need for the student to do a revision by going through some of the questions pertaining the course or unit of study. This idea of revisiting the exams done before will help the mind to get used to the structure of the questions and how it is suppose to respond. It will also help the learner to have a better grasp of the matter before the coming test. As the student goes through the previously done test questions, he/she should keep on referring to the materials at hand in order to enhance more understanding, and also get to know how the questions are derived from the notes or materials at hand. There is also likelihood that some of the questions will be repeated, or may draw some relevance to the previous questions. It is therefore important that the student does a review of the past test questions.

The third step in preparation for a test, having done studies and revisions, is to get the ideas of other students over the same issues. Group discussion is one of the learning techniques that have been proved to boost understanding of knowledge and ideas. It is true that not all people are the same in the cognitive perspective of knowledge, and that by having a cooperative effort; all learners are elevated to a point of equal understanding. At the study group, one is able to ask questions on the parts that were hard to understand, and will be able to get the understanding of the same. Group discussions have also been proved to eliminate fears and unnecessary anxiety before an examination. Moreover, the people in the group discussion will be able to share ideas and knowledge that might have come from other sources outside the class material. It is therefore inevitable for a learner to be in a discussion group in preparation for a test.

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