Late Work Should Not Be Accepted


Education is learning process which enable students’ to research, understand, plan, and make themselves competent. However, Management plays pivotal role at-all! Management is important in planning, researching, arranging, completing and submitting the work well in time. Sometime late work does not possess such importance – which it may possess for in time submission. On the other hand, many tutors do not accept late assignments and some of them deduct marks for lateness. However, writing an academic work or any other work is not as hard as some people consider it. The writing process should be started with outlines. Outlines provide a shorthand representation of the project which helps to keep the writing on course or reveal where it might have lost its way. As Cioffi describe “Which several ideas might belong or be discussed together? How can I take these ten ideas (say), all of which I consider important, and classify and arrange them?” (2005, p. 39). A line of words should be the first draft which will provide a writer pause less writing to complete the work before deadline.  However, all educational assignments needs in time compliance from students’ and late work submission should not be accepted.

Late Work:

Should late work accepted? No! Late work should not be entertained at-all. An academic assignment not only requires adequate answers of the questions; it also needs a sufficient arrangement of ideas and time management. Late work loses its importance due to its ugliness and unplanned procedure. At the same time, in time academic work submission requires a strong research, arrangement of contents, planning the work before writing, and time management. However, as Barzun discouragingly notes that most professional writers recognize that no one can teach anyone else to write (1994, p. 3). Even so, the general principles applied for academic wok will ever help students’ to complete and submit their works in time.  

General Recommendations:

Nevertheless, all students’ write every writing piece to reflect their thoughts with researched facts. While this may seem self-evident students’ often rush into an assignment without giving it sufficient thought. Then they become frustrated when they discover that the words and sentences are not filling the pages. They suspect writer’s block, when they have not even written a word. Instead of panicking or postponing the writing students’ should pause to consider the topic, look at class notes, reread the information in the text, and study the assignment. On the other hand academic writing is different from plain writing. Students’ occasionally ask professors why they are not permitted to write the way they speak. Barzan argues for writing that is simple and direct, but he also writes that “most speaking is not plain or direct, but vague, clumsy, confused, and wordy” (1994, p. 12). So, for such problems it is not allowed in academic writing patterns. So, the student writers should make a list of what seems to be significant points on the topic and prepare the assignments according to the academic patterns and submitted well in time.


At the end of essay importance of in time work submission not only considered by every student – but it should also be mastered by every student. The articulated writing segments plays pivotal role to completing the assignments before deadline. Moreover, late assignment should not be accepted by the tutors and it should have sufficient punishment to discourage the late submission trend. Therefore, an adequate and in time work done can only provide you confidence and knowledge other than a work done in rush.

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