Learning Center for Children

Working with children can become extremely difficult both emotionally and physically, but the professionals in the field do all that is possible to create an environment of comfort and safety for children. NAEYC is a well-accredited center for children handled by different groups as each vary in age. In recent reports the number of attendees have shown to have been decreasing, as parents feel that sending their children to private schools will benefit their knowledge and develop their skills better. However, as a well-established organization, we highly disagree, as we offer great services to our customers.

For an organization is it very important to take into consideration the requests of the customers. As an established organization, we have made certain changes in our care that will benefit the child emotionally and educationally. The program will proceed as follows:

During their time in our program children will be exposed to 3 to 4 hours of educational activities that will help to challenge their minds and prepare them better for kindergarten and future schooling. Since sometimes books can become slightly boring, children appear to loose interest in them. Our organization will invest in tablet and purchase educational applications that will give an opportunity for all children to interact and learn, while having a great time all at ones.

Being well aware that many parents are not fond of exposing their toddlers to technology, therefore, the organization will also invest in books that children are most fond of. For instance, the availability of such books will allow for instructors and children to interact, while participating in a game. As such interaction occurs, children will be able to learn the alphabet, how to count and by the time they enter kindergarten, they will also be able to not only distinguish the letters in the alphabet, but also write them.

Speech Pathology

As many know, some children develop their speech at a much slower pace than other children. Therefore, the center wills higher licensed speech pathologies that will assist children in speech development. As a result, it will reflect positively on the progress of all children.


The setting will be a child friendly, where each student is treated equally but values and respect will be taught, as many are aware bullying has become a major problem in today’s society. However, such behavior will not be acceptable and will result in expelling of the student. The program firmly believes that in early childhood teaching to distinguish the right from wrong will reflect positively in all future endeavors.

Finally, all caregivers and instructors will undergo an evaluation to clarity their full eligibility for employment. Such background check will reflect on criminal background, substance abuse and prior experience in the field.

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