Learning Objectives

Cognitive Skills

Participants or the trainees are targeted to be fifty in number. This is a sizable number in that it influences the level of training and the results directed to the geographical aspect. Participants are expected to comprehend personal addressing of wounds, cleaning, and application of medication with the assistance of computer models. The participants are selected on the merit of cut off points.

Participants are trained on proper documentation of files with reference to age, medication administration and the severity of the wounds. This is crucial considering future referencing. Participants with considerable and relevant education background are advantaged reflecting that this education will furnish their experience. This is critical in ensuring that accuracy in the medical profession. The participants are allocated zones within the community and their impact is measured by the community feedbacks. The nine zones consisting of selected participants training with wound care skills. 

Skilled participants in the health care delivery are considered. The preferable academic level resonates with secondary level of health science. This is to enhance competency in management of tasks and enable follow up of prescriptions. This is measured by the number of complaints and compliments received from the designated zones.


The expectations directed at the participants indicates that they must nurse wounds properly, manage and document the files of the patients in a systemic manner that allows easy and efficient retrieval by the application of excel. This is best detailed by indexing the age, name, phone number and the nature of medication offered. This encourages responsibility culture in the health care.

The participants will also be entitled to provide clear analysis of the problem in the filed documents. Changes in the wound treatments, new developments in the healthcare system, provide timely feedback on the wounds reports; offer a hand to wounded patients, drug administration confirmation and offering of first aid services to wounded patients. This is critical in ensuring that the healthcare system is running effectively meeting the needs of the patients. Participants will attend the seminars on healthcare that will equip them with better skills in precaution aspects. This is critical in ensuring that the lives of the health care participants and that of the patients are not endangered by the process. 


Trainees are expected to be very proficient with computers. They should exhibit confidence in the application of computers particularly Microsoft Word and Excel, so as to able to take simples notes, as well as to make simple data entries. It is expected that the participants must have a flair for healthcare systems. It is emphasized on basic knowledge of wounds aspects. The other condition indicates that the participants must embrace the regulations and the safety rules set by the health care trainers. Participants must be willing to research further on what they are taught. This is critical in ensuring that the knowledge is effectively passed on from the trainers to the participants. Ensuring performance and reliability of the results obtained.


Participants must have basic knowledge in healthcare. This is critical in ensuring that the task administration is up to the standard of the health board. The minimum requirements in the healthcare indicate secondary level in the health science. His is a considerable entry point that ensures that all participants are on board in the administration of the task performances.

Psychomotor Skills

Participants will be expected to understand the merits associated with proper record management. Properly documented records indicate a flow in the system considering administration of tasks. This is crucial in treatments of wounds, offering timely feedback on the situation of wounds, ensuring proper drug administration, assisting in the first aid administration enabling a system that offers support to the patients.  The above factors will be measured by the ratio of customer satisfaction. The feedback obtained from the customers enables improvement of the system ultimately perfecting the healthcare management.

The participants or the trainees will practice the application of the program. This is essential in the health care administration. This will be measured by the organization conducting internal drills that will measure the preparedness to emergencies arising from wound patients. The drills will measure the practicable capability of the trainees on wound care and enhance fast retrieval of documents. Drills will enable organizations stay alert in addressing the wounds enhancing customer satisfaction.

Affective skills

The trainees after the training program are expected to indicate high levels of safety by wearing gloves one hundred percent while addressing the wound cases. This is critical in ensuring that contagious elements of the diseases are not passed on from one person to another. It will enable management of the wounds. The trainees will also wear safety shields as a protective device.

Trainees will be expected to perform basic skills in wound health care. This will enhance the task performance increasing the reliability of the system. The education level earlier selected will assist the trainees in advancing on their knowledge enabling conducive environment that supports health care. The trainees through the education level will enhance increased participation in healthcare as the trainees search for more knowledge in the management of wounds.

Trainees will have developed the sense of responsibility in the management of wounds. This is critical considering patient satisfaction and increasing the reliability of the healthcare system. The patients will develop trust with the system increasing the efficiency of the health care system.

Trainees through enhanced research skilled developed by the program will enhance acquisition of vital information. This is critical in the management of the wounds and health care in general. Proper documentation procedures learnt at the program will enhance the development of conscientious aspects and enable reliable documentation system that is timely in keeping and retrieval of information.

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