Learning Sociology

What social class issues were revealed in the segment about the Co-op versus Shaw’s Supermarket Chain?

Lack of empowerment of the community with knowledge to know the significance of the items they buy within stores elucidates within this case. The fact that Co-Op Mom believes that organic food is a guarantee for health from food. These assumptions of consumers lead to wrong perceptions of other stores as seen in their rejection of Shaw.

Lack of trust is evident as Shaw cannot establish itself well in Burlington given that they residents are scared of taking risks. The fact that Co-Op is run by locals gives it an edge over Shaw. The impact of decisions by Co-Op will affect the store also in a similar manner it will affect the residents unlike that of Shaw.

What class do you consider yourself? How has your class standing affected your life?

I fall within the middle class faction of society. This manifests in the way I prefer average commodities and services based on my both financial capability and upbringing. My class standing allows to me live an affordable lifestyle with a considerable amount to put in my savings. Socially, this class leaves me under the negative scrutiny of those in the high class category of society. For instance, as I leave school in the school bus, those who get picked up by private means (high class students) look down upon me.  However, my association with the high class individuals is rare so this impact is equally rare.

Were you offended by the gentleman in WASP lessons or did he make some good points in your mind?

The gentleman in WASP lessons offended me in that he has identified himself as privileged that every other person in the society who is not a member of his class. The fact that he denies the lessons that create segregation within the society and thinks they are too valuable shows how he has justified his class. This implies that the rest of the people within society is of lower class. This should not be the case in the current society we live in as all men are equal despite their background.

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