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I consider this to be the opportune time for me to move to the next level in my education and establish higher credentials for my career by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Media and Public Relations at Leicester University. At the moment, I am in my final year at Lancaster University where I am pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Media and Cultural Studies, which is also my major. Despite the fact that this degree provides me with a myriad of career opportunities, I feel that this is not the right time to go into the job market. I have no doubt that my academic qualifications will ensure that I get an admission into the Masters’ degree program mentioned above. My undergraduate degree in Media and Cultural Studies at Lancaster University has enlightened me on how the media we interact with shapes our cultural practices. Moreover, this course is comprised of different modules that enable one to become an all-round student in other fields other than Media and Cultural Studies.  

My interest in this field of study was sparked by my excellent communication skills. In 2010, I was involved in a numerous research and knowledge transfer projects that enabled me to expand and make new developments into different aspects of the media. For example, I was able to provide members with new ways through which they could use their expertise in a consultative capacity to help commercial firms, public bodies and community organizations to advance technologically. Although I was able to achieve this, my practical experience facilitating interpersonal dialogue has been limited and sporadic. For this reason, a Master’s Degree in Media and Public Relations from Leicester University will be of great help where my experience is a wanting.

I have the capability of designing solutions to various communication problems as well as the skills of analysing communication situations. In this regard, the public relations module in this program will enhance the above capabilities by instilling the skills that are needed to plan and implement a professional media and public relation campaign, including the skills of public opinion and audience analysis, goal setting and evaluation and a myriad of communication theories. Furthermore, the research method and management module is vital because it will develop my understanding and application of various kind of information that clients will use to evaluate and review services provided by my employer. This module will also help me when collecting, analysing and presenting information to other people. Finally, there are several themes about this program that are very interesting. Using the knowledge and skills from the research methods and management module, I intend to write a comprehensive dissertation with support and supervision from the tutor. The dissertation module will allow me to conduct an independent research on one of these themes and present my findings and analysis. This module will gauge my understanding of the entire course. 

Though I can meet my personal professional and educational goals through any Master’s from any other university, I believe that Leicester would give me an opportunity that can be found nowhere else. This is because the modules highlighted above are specialized and tailored in the sense that they will allow me to acquire detailed knowledge in my area of specialisation. In Leicester University, supervisors are always there to guide and support students in writing their dissertation. This makes the institution to stand out from the others, thus, I am assured of being guided in the right direction. The credentials of Leicester’s faculty are unmatched and I believe that under this faulty, I will be able to meet and interact with helpful individuals in my field. With the emergence of novel media platforms such as social media networks and an interconnected and more global world, the demand for tech savvy public relations and communication specialists has expanded. A Master’s Degree in New Media and Society from your institution will greatly expand my career options in this growing and exciting field. This is because of the unmatched value that these university places upon its students as well as the excellent self development opportunities that it provides. 

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