Lesson Plan
  1. The learners should be able to distinguish between aerobic fitness, full body workout and personal safety.
  2. The learners should be able to apply the essentials of teamwork and practice.
  3. The learners should be able to outline possible injuries that may occur in the process of physical activity and identify possible personal safety measures.




5 minutes


-         This includes a review of the previous lesson. Learners will give responses from the experience they had, during the previous physical education session.

-         Students will ask general questions regarding the previous concept.

-         A brief introduction to the lesson will be done by definition of terms (aerobic fitness, full body workout, and personal safety)

-         asking questions and answering them (the teacher and the learners)

-         listening

20 minutes

Physical Fitness and Activity

Step 1 – aerobic fitness

-         This activity will begin with explanation, demonstration and the goals. The students will be engaged in each activity, in small groups of three. The teacher will monitor the activity and continued feedback will be essential in knowledge acquisition.

-         In case of learners with special needs, specialized equipment will be required for them to experience physical fitness as well. Video games are a simple way to engage them.

Step 2:  full body workout

-         The teacher demonstrates a number of workout activities that aim at engaging the whole body.

-         Those with special needs will watch exercises performed on screen. These learners will include those with physical challenges.

-         Students quickly gather in a place and discuss the workout activities they have been engaged in and outline their significance.

Lesson focus

-         After all the activities, the learners and the teacher will engage in a discussing of the possible injuries and safety risks that may occur in the process of physical activity.

-         One mile running

-         Jumping and jogging

-         Watching workout activities on screen

5 minutes


Closing activity

-         The teacher then asks questions and directs the learners on what to expect from next lesson.

-         Asking questions

-         Listening

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