Letter of Admissions Intent

I am a Chinese student with a fashion dream applying for major in International Trade & Marketing for Fashion Industries in your institution. Currently I am studying in Ohio University. Fashion has always been a big part of me since childhood. I remember how I used to argue with my siblings regarding who had the best attire. I also used to criticize my dad’s dressing style, and have always been careful when it comes to selecting what to wear, how to wear it, and so forth. The opportunity is exciting as it will enable me explore the many opportunities presented by the fashion world.

Nobody can imagine the world without fashion. I believe everyone envies those who make the world fashionable. I am particularly thrilled by the work done by fashion marketers. That is why I have selected a major in that field. For me, this is an exciting career that will enable me realize my fashion dream. Fashion is an art that brings out an individual’s feelings. It is meant to please. That is why I am so passionate about it. However, everything is never magical or effortless in the fashion world. Fashion marketers are the propelling factors that keep the sector moving right from gathering raw materials, development of finished products, and delivery to the ever demanding customers.

I have an extremely enriching and rewarding experience in totality. This has been shown by the great effort I have put in all my endeavors. Since my childhood, hard work and sincerity were virtues inculcated in my character. This has made me brave enough to face my challenges. At the present moment, I have already earned a 3.82 GPA and 53 credits at Ohio University. I have always learned on my own and shared my knowledge with my peers. The experience has been worthwhile. I believe these traits will work towards my advantage once I join your institution.

After graduating from your institution, I am planning to stay in New York City, find a job contributing to the field of fashion, and start my career life in fashion most likely as a marketer. I intend to pursue a master degree in Fashion Marketing/Fashion Public Relations after gaining a year or two of work experiences in fashion.

Let me share something about my family and how it played a crucial role regarding how my interest in fashion came about. My parents never cared about fashion, especially my dad. He dressed the way he wanted without caring about the color of his clothes and how he appeared in them. I realized that there was a problem at home after visiting one of my uncles.  I remember vividly one day when he declined to put on a jacket simply because it would not match the color of his clothes. I asked him later why he objected the offer despite the chilling weather. He responded swiftly that his appearance mattered. That was a striking statement that changed my perception about everything to this day. I started developing interest on the way I dressed. Fashion became part of me, and I have never looked back. I have fought my dad on several occasions regarding his only habit. All I can say is that we are making progress.

I believe Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) New York offers the best in terms of resources and education when it comes to fashion. The institution will thus equip me with the best knowledge that will help in sharpening my skills to thrive in the ever changing market. As a fashion marketer, the institution will instill in me the needed characteristics to succeed in the field. The institution offers training by fashion professionals as well as organized field trips and numerous projects. This enables acquisition of a wide range of understanding of the fashion train by the students.  As a student, I hope to participate in activities aimed at promoting fashion in the institution.

I am grateful for the time taken to review my material. I hope to get communication granting me an opportunity to join your prestigious institution.

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