Letter of Recommendation

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to support’s Wilneisha Brown application to your renowned RN program. I am currently serving as an assistant professor in Department of Path biology at Texas Southern Unviversity. I have also been serving as a visiting professor at the School of Nursing in Southern University since the year 2007. Through frequent contacts with Brown, either face-to-face or via e-mail, I got to know this student well and I hereby provide my views and opinions about him to assist in evaluation of this exceptional candidate.

Wilneisha Brown is a young mother who overcame losing sum of my family in hurricane Katrina and thus she is determined to be the first in my family to obtain a BSN from Prarie View a &m College of Nursing. After the hurricane Katrina Wilneisha Brown has shown a lot of mental strength especially in her studies while at the Texas Southern University. After showing his strong passion and interest in nursing, she became the only undergraduate student working in a private hospital as a nurse while conducting an independent research project in our laboratory. During her studies at the university she learned very quickly subjects like biochemistry, population genetics, and more importantly human anatomy.

Another outstanding quality of Wilneisha Brown is her good command of English, both spoken and written. She is an extraverted person who is already working and ready to attend various nursing activities. Through this she gets more opportunities to explore the field of nursing while working and interacting with patients. Wilneisha Brown never hesitates to ask professors questions and to exchange ideas. From our long term communications and work related recommendations, I feel he is still in progress not only to nursing maturity but also to advancing her patient care skills.

From my long-term knowledge and close contact with him, Wilneisha Brown is an undergraduate student with exceptional patient care motivations and capability, outstanding communication skills and most importantly, she is a hardworking and easy-going person. I hereby present my whole-hearted recommendation for Wilneisha Brown to support her further RN studies at Prarie View a &m College of Nursing and hope she will have a brilliant career in nursing in the future.

Sincerely yours,

Felix John, PhD.

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