Life as a Teacher

Life is a true teacher. Many people believe that life enables them to learn about key skills and shape their future. In addition, as one progress through life, from childhood to adulthood, life shapes and sharpens an individual’s view about the world around them and perceptions about things and people.

As a person, I hold to the belief that life is a teacher. It has taught about kindness, respect and believing in myself. One of the most memorable experiences today that I life has taught me is about trust. I am an individual who has trust in almost everyone. Growing up as a child, coupled with the challenges that come with the teen age, I realized that experience is the best teacher. One can say that teen age is the most adventurous one, where an individual tries to do what the society detests. From drugs, sex, alcohol, and few mistakes that could put one in a pedestal of failure, teen age poses many challenges. The interaction that I had with a few wrong people made me realize the value of having to stand up to individual ideals and principles. My youth is one that characterized the inability to make personal decisions. I was not able to know which people to trust and not to trust. I often thought that the friends I kept were free from and misdeeds. One day, in the usual escapades, the police arrested one of the boys selling high-grade cocaine. This was one of the things that none of us knew about this boy. Though we knew that something was amiss, we did not expect him to sell banned drugs.

This experience taught me the essence of keeping people that one can trust. Thus, the experience I had with boys of my age in teen age has shaped who I am today. Life has taught me about trust in this way. This has also given me the ability to analyze situations before taking them.

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