Writing a personal response to the novel will be easy since I will have read that novel keenly. In this task, some skills and strategies will have to be used so as to make the outcome a success. Personal responses are some of the easiest pieces of writing since one already has the materials they will write. This hence entails the use of criticism and analysis to give an individual opinion of the novel.

The first strategy to use in writing the response is to categorize the novel. I will have to specify what genre the novel lies in, so that the reader will have an idea. By doing this, my argument in the response will be clear and understandable.

The next step will be to lay out the criteria by which the novel will be analyzed. These include factors such as how entertaining the novel was, the audience that the novel targeted and my opinion in the matter. These will give me a guiding path towards writing the response.

The next strategy to use when writing this response will be to make a judgment of the entire novel. The response should be fair and true. I will be careful not to use extreme emotion such as a lot of positivity or negativity because this will appear as bias. This judgment will be the main focus of the review. It will tell the teacher whether I liked the novel and if I enjoyed reading.

When the judgment has been made, it is vital to give evidence to support this judgment. This will show the teacher that I read all parts of the novel and that my response is informed. If my verdict is a positive one, I should give supporting evidence on why I find the novel to be positive. This will be the same if I find the novel content to be unsatisfactory.

The last strategy that I will use is to give a conclusion to the response. Here, I will sum up all my thoughts about the novel. The conclusion will be brief any will give a summary of the entire paper.

This paper will be addressed to my teacher. By following the strategies laid out above, the audience will gauge my understanding of the novel. This response is necessary because, it will give me an expose on my future writings. It is an essential step to take towards my future education and career endeavors.

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