MBA Admission Essay

MBA (Master of Business Administration) course is dedicated to aspiring entrepreneurs that possess business skills – through the program; candidates learn business acumen in them in the best possible manner. It’s a challenging course that integrates a diverse range of subjects and large amount of materials and projects.

You do not actually need to have a business background to join an MBA program; it is the inner conviction, which is important. Many students from diverse field join the program and after completion of the course, they acquire all business skills and get themselves ready to join the workforce and confidently work on diverse cohort projects.

I think, grades do not actually reveal the true potential or capability of an individual. Grades are definitely a way of testing the knowledge but not a complete and correct way of deciding the capability of the student. There are many students who memorize the study material and do well in the examination, however, when it comes to practical application, they fail to do so. I am not one of them and I always do my best to understand the fundamentals of the subject first. I also think about how and where can I implement the knowledge that I acquired from the subject studied.

I accept challenge, I like power and I always want to make a difference in my life – with these wants, I knew in the beginning of my college career that I would enter in the business field. Whatever I do, I try to learn the skills associated with that work. In addition, I possess leadership skills and I know how to convince people.

It is true that my post-secondary grades were not satisfactory, but at the same time I also argue that it does not affect my career in any sense. I possess skills; I have the passion and the acumen to become a successful entrepreneur like other successful businessmen. I, therefore, request you to consider my MBA application and give me a chance to show my actual talent before you.

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