My Parents

In the essay “How do you think it makes your mother feel,” James Frey gives his account of drug abuse and addiction, the problem he experienced at the age of fourteen, and how his parents did care for him at that particular period of time. In an attempt to show his parent’s unfailing love, James compares and contrasts the action of a hug before and after the conversation about his addiction status when making his own statement, “I step forward, put one of my arms around each of them...full of something maybe love” (Frey 389).

I will never forget the time when my parents nurtured and educated me although I mistreated my mother and always made her cry when I was a teenager. The subsequent guilt and loss of confidence to face her hindered me from apologizing. This is similar to what Frey said, “I could hear her crying as I did, but I didn't want to deal with it, so I walked out” (Frey 379). Despite all the disrespect I showed to my mother, she was always there for me when I needed. Every time I felt sick, she would take me to the doctor for medication, cook and take good care of me. Surprisingly enough, I never saw the need to treat my mother any better albeit her sacrifices and love.

At the age of twelve, something really changed my attitude towards my mother that fateful night when I became sick in Holland the day before I travelled back to Hong Kong. On that particular night, I suffered chronic fever, and my mother did everything in her powers to cool me down. She forfeited her sleep and stood by my side during the night contrary to my wishes just to attend me. This is the point I came to recognize all the sacrifices she made for my well-being and further resolved to treat her with more respect. Subsequently, I learnt to take care of myself better so as to relieve her of the unnecessary burden outside her hectic daily chores. From this day onwards, I never took my mother for granted. If I was sick afterwards, I would not let her know for the fear of her spending more time nursing me no matter how fatigue she was.

Seemingly, my parents had good educational and health care plans for me. During my entire period in primary school, my father was of much help in doing homework and studies in general. I learnt new ideas from him, and he gave me a series of questions to enable me understand different topics deeply. This trend continues throughout my high school education; my father was always around to offer me the much needed support in the learning process. Indeed, my parents’ support has kept me going. It has given me confidence and determination to stay in a foreign country in pursuit of higher education.

It is most apparent that my parents greatly loved and supported me in all ways. Nevertheless, I am very sorry for my failure to pass Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination (HKCEE) simply because I never studied hard enough. My bad grades caused them untold pain, because they had to incur an extra cost of sending me there to continue my education. As such, I really cherish the opportunity to study here.

If I could rewrite one event in my life, then I would definitely study hard during the study leaves and examinations as the extra input would turn into higher grades in examinations. This will not only save my parents the cost of funding my further education but also enable me study in the university now so that I start working early enough to repay my parents. Fully aware that I did not do well in my examinations, I know that I should pay more attention to my studies in order to transfer and graduate from a reputable university.      

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