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When writing one simply begins by drafting down ideas about the topic and focus on the definition of what it means. My writing began by simply defining the topic being written and offering valuable personal examples on how it affected my life. I attempted to remain positive on each essay and provide the best possible work.

Hence, the examples I provided on each topic were not fully explained and further details were required and are required for stronger writing samples.  When discussing a topic and including personal examples on the essay, I learned that it is very important to answer the questions of How? Where? And When? By answering such questions the reader will find it much simpler to understand and make a connection between the topic and the ideas being offered as a form of explanation. However, a key important in providing a good writing peace is staying connected and the transition for each paragraph must remain smooth and easily done, which means the ideas must reflect one another smoothly and easily understood by the reader.

I found throughout my writing that I have many ideas when a topic is introduced by as I read the drafts I found that my ideas are scattered and do not connect smoothly and the transition is slightly difficult. When the semester first began it was made clear that I have difficulty prioritizing. Meaning when an ideas is introduced because the many ideas I have the story becomes scattered I tend to write from the middle to the start to the end. However, as the course progressed, I found that my focus remained strong and I was able to provide stronger writing that does not allow room for confusion. What I learned at the end of the semester is that fear kept me from being a good writer.  I thought I didn’t have much to write about because I had not stories to tell but I found that I am a good writer and that I do have a lot to offer to readers and that my stories do provide quality and value to the meaning of each essay. I also learned that fear is what keeps people from truly reaching their potential and in this case I overcame my fears and offered the best work I possibly could but I also found that I can become a very good writer but it simply means I must follow certain rules that good writing requires. Such rules include, point-of-view, connection, transition, value and begin with a thesis that is attention grabbing.

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