National Education Standards

Education is a core thing in a person’s life (Ottobre & Unesco, 1999). It contributes greatly to rational thinking of a person and enables the person to make rationalized decisions. Furthermore, competitive education contributes to the economic growth of a country or a state, and hence the need for proper measure of ensuring quality education is achieved. Education is meant to create knowledge to students and enable them to fit competitively in the world market.

The use of local standards or the state standards may have contributed to the low quality of education in United States. The quality and the standards that different states set are very different hence end up producing different graduates with different and divergent capabilities. Some states see standards as aspiration of what the student should know; another may look at standards as the realistic judgment of what is possible and achievable by their students. Other states see that tests are meant to measure the effectiveness of the school that result to sanctions. This notion will motivate the states to make standards that will ensure that success is perceived. The differences in standards has led to growing of wide and even persistent achievement gap between the various socioeconomic groups hence the need for national standards and do away with the state standards. National standards for educational should be the only solution towards achieving competitive graduates that will fit in the global market.

National standard will ensure that the curriculum is followed by teachers and the students are subjected to similar test. This will put the teachers and parents on toes in ensuring that the state effectiveness in terms of academics is maintained. The national standards will also ensure comparison of academic achievement in various states creating a sense of competition that is likely to boost the overall quality of education in the United States. The other very important reason for national standards is to allow easier settling of people in various states. Students usually have very difficult situation if they move from one state to another trying to adjust to the standards. National standards for education are very vital for ensuring quality and better education is achieved.

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