Outdoor and Environmental Education

In order to be a good group facilitator, one has to posses leadership skills. The roles of a facilitator are clearly spelled. He is charged with being prepared and making sure that students have the necessary preparation to undertake the task. They are also responsible for setting the rules and maintaining order in the group. They should ensure that everybody participates constructively in the activities that the group undertakes. Everybody should have learnt something at the end of it all. The facilitator should also set a mood that is conducive a relaxed atmosphere. Group activities are often meant to break the monotony of a classroom setting.

Learning should be a fun endeavor for teachers and students alike. The traditional sense of a classroom lesson is fast fading off, as the education system starts to appreciate the diversity of outside classrooms. By engaging each other outside the class, students will experience nature and other wonders of the world. Books alone cannot give students all the information they need in the course of their education. 

A program that would take the students to camp at the estate would be a welcome learning adventure guaranteed to be a memorable event in their lives. This is not only a learning exercise. It encompasses the aspect of leisure, which is an important part of youth development. In this age when time is limited and daily schedules are tight, it is advisable to undertake an event that will serve two purposes satisfactorily.

The outcome of this project will be a more enlightened class on the aspects of life that intertwine with education. This exercise will help the students build their skills and abilities to handle difficult situations. These are things that they cannot learn in an enclosed classroom environment. It is simply an invaluable opportunity that the students should not pass out on because it will help them immensely.

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