Pedagogical Strategies for Learning Disabilities

Pedagogic strategies are kind of general instructions which possess a certain kind of design, then these designs are put into practice in learning or a teaching unit, course module or in a lesson. When we talk of a learning disability this includes a number of areas which hinders the functionality which provides difficulty in the sense that a person cannot be able to learn in a typical manner. The course of all this is a set of unknown factors. So we can conclude that an individual has learning disabilities if a person has learning trouble in an academic area. Below described are some of the pedagogic strategies.

Involving children or students in small group discussions. These groups provide students with an opportunity of interacting with each other and focus on the teaching and learning issues that they are learning about. An example of this strategy is the use of group discussion; in this case a group prepares talking points about a specific topic which they explain to the whole class. After the presentations it is found that students are focused on different areas of the topic. So after the presentations were done, it was clear that some  students contributed additional ideas and questions than others, but at the end all questions were discussed.

Ensuring that written directions are provided. In most cases dictation of notes is one of the methods widely used in most learning institutions. This dictation process is hard to cope with, especially for those students who have a slow writing speed. For example, when students are sent written hardcopies of notes, they usually spend less time in the studying areas than those whose notes are dictated. It was clear that those who  spend most of their studying time comparing notes to find the areas they had not copied, and this gives them  challenges when tackling tests or exams in these areas.

Asking the students for a feedback. This enables the students to show whether they have understood the topics which were taught. For instance, asking the students to relate the topics taught into a real life situation.

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