Personal Education Statement

Academically, I have always been a hardworking and creative personality. Since I started my education, I always knew that a degree from a university in the United States would be an important achievement for my career. I have a broad interest in business, thus my interest to take a business major degree course from your institution. My choice for a business major course is based on the intriguing nature of the subject. I enjoy the way business blends with our everyday issues. That is, business not only helps business owners to become successful, but it also helps in changing people’s lives. My biggest source of inspiration for studying this course is Steve Jobs. This is because, just like Steve Jobs, I want to become a successful businessperson, where I can be creative and use my company to make people’s life become better. I want to establish a company, which will produce goods that will improve the quality of life among individuals across the globe.

My choice to study business is also driven by the current growth of global business concepts. Offshoring, business outsourcing, process re-engineering, and business automation are some of the significant transformations taking place in the business world today. Business owners and managers need to maximize efficiency in adaptation of the modern business trends in order to remain competitive. For these reasons, I find this a perfect and exciting period to study business. I want to be part of the team that will help current and future businesses achieve competitive advantages in the rapidly changing business environment.

I consider myself well suited for this course as I pay attention to the global business environment. I read numerous business journals and other forms of publications, which talk about business. I also like watching business news from international television channels such as CNN and BBC, to keep myself updated with various business trends taking place in different regions of the world. I also believe that my education background makes me well suited for this course. In high school, I studied business studies for four years where I learnt the various types of business, markets, and sources of competitive advantages, among other things. I was a member of the business club in my high school where I acted as the chairperson. My roles included managing members’ subscriptions, and overseeing the running of the club’s business activities such as school canteen. This enabled me to achieve various business management skills.

I have already studied in America for one year where I have improved my English language skills, as well as my interpersonal skills. For this reason, I believe I am well prepared to undertake my undergraduate studies in the United States. During my one-year study in America, I have discovered that the learning environment is very conducive and the facilities are well equipped with adequate learning materials. I am aware that universities in the United States are among the top ranking learning institution in the world. In fact, many of the successful business owners and managers are alumni of various business schools in the United States.

I am also looking for an institution where I can interact with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Universities in the United States have the highest number of international students compared to other countries. By studying in the United States, I will have an opportunity to meet and make friends with students from different countries, thus enriching my life skills.

I am excited about the idea of being a business major student in your institution. I look forward to joining your long list of successful alumni across the globe. Thank you.

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