Postdoctoral Education

Post doctoral studies allow graduate students to sharpen their experiences by carrying out academic research that helps them develop expertise in specific areas of studies plus the skills and methods in the areas. In most cases, the study must contribute to the institutions mission and it’s usually published in publications that seem relevant (Ring, 1998).

As for my case, I am a dentist by profession in a foreign country that I have lived in for the last sixteen years. I completed my philosophical doctorate degree some times back but could not start the post doctoral education immediately because of financial challenges and, at the same time; I had a family of two young girls to take care of. However, this did not make me stay at home idle; I have worked in various dental offices so that I could keep my profession in touch.

Presently, I want to take my postdoctoral of Dental Medicine (DMD) that is supposed to run for a four consecutive year curricula. This is because my kids are now grown ups and they are both in boarding schools and I feel that financially I am well of and my responsibilities have lessened. I feel that, I should embark on my studies since studying dentistry to postdoctoral level has been my passion since child hood.

For the last sixteen years, I have not been a sit home person. I have been going out and have worked in different jobs to get the money I required for the upkeep of my family. For instance, I have been working as a part time realtor for the last six years and my company recognized me as a top producer in the last three years.

If I get this opportunity to further my studies I will work to my level best to ensure that I succeed and others succeed through my research. My research position will target on quality control and research and development. 

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