Professional Goals in Educational Research

Just as is the case with any other field, research has remained important in analyzing new development in particular the field of education, while also helping the relevant professionals to come up with better ways of tackling the challenges that face the field. Being the dynamic sector that it is, educational research is important in ensuring the stakeholders in education remain updated on the new developments and new challenges in the sector. I therefore present a proposal of my goals for reviewing educational research and ways in which I intend to use educational research to develop my profession.

Goals for Conducting or Reviewing Educational Research

My first goal of conducting/reviewing educational research is to identify the trends in the education sector and evaluate how these trends affect the quality of education in the subsequent years. This is necessary since the trends in education sector have been changing with the advancing technology and other factors. The research will thus provide a clear picture of the trends within the last five years. This can help me predict the likelihood of trends in future. This is important in educational planning as well as in developing syllabuses that will meet the needs of students in future.

My second goal is to help develop mechanisms to ensure that the quality of education in elementary, secondary, and tertiary institutions is aligned towards the social, economic, and political needs of the country. With competing forces in public and private education, better policies and procedures are needed to help ensure that students who come from either public or private institutions are well equipped to work anywhere in the world especially as the world continues to embrace the concept of globalization.

How Education Research will be used to Develop my Profession

The gathered information from research will form the basis to which I shall offer professional advice to the stakeholders in education including parents, teachers as well as the government on better policies to adopt in order to increase the standards of education both in public and in private schools.

I will also use education research to propose policies, regulations, rules and procedures to govern the education sector with the view of bringing harmonization in the quality of education offered to students in public and private institutions.

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