Rate of Graduation in America

The decreasing rate of high school graduates made president Obama to propose that all students should stay in school up to 18 years. This assertion does not go well with the writer despite the fact that implementing the proposal will increase the number of skilled personnel in the United States. The writer feels that raising the age at which students are allowed to leave school does not address the problem making the students to drop out of school.  Raising the dropout age only causes the wastage of the limited resources since forcing the students to remain in school until they reach 18 years does not change the view they developed at an early age towards education. The essayist suggests that the only solution to combat the rising rate of school dropouts is to address the problems the students are facing such as inadequate learning materials.

The author may be right to posit that increasing the dropout age to 18 years will not change the interest of the students.  Students may feel obligated to stay in school till the age of 18 leading to a decreased level of concentration in school and hence, resulting into poor performance. However, human behaviors are prone to environmental influences. Students who lose interest in learning at the age of 16 may be influenced by their peers to change their attitude towards education before they reach 18 years.

Nonetheless, the writer’s argument about the limited resources is very credible and convincing. The number of students leaving schools due to financial problems is a fact that the government should address before enforcing Obama’s proposal. For instance, low-wage workers can barely support their families’ basic needs and, therefore, forcing students to stay in school until the age of 18 may not be practical if the financial constraint is not addressed.  In addition, public schools are likely to face the biggest challenges due to inadequate learning resources.  

Finally, the government should consider all the possible reasons causing the rising school dropouts including the student abilities. Globally, it is a common phenomenon that not all students have similar abilities in a classroom. Some students may be talented in other fields such as music and thus forcing such students to stay in school for a long time may not change their interest. Therefore, it is clear that the writer’s point of view is valid.

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