Reading Acquisition Theories

 Schema theory

Transformative  theory

Constructivism theory

Easy to understand because it entails instructional strategies

Involves interpretations of various concepts

Involves construction of one’s knowledge to understand something

Provides theoretical basis

Focuses on thoughts and feelings that may be hard to predict

Practical oriented as various principles are applied.

Includes more variables and information

Lead to autonomous and responsible thinking

Needs more skills although it promotes students to discover principles for themselves

Schema theory has been used to enable the reader to effectively understand a certain phenomena. We are able to understand every day occurrences. Thus, people can organize their perceptions without the use of much effort. Schema theory provides the prerequisite knowledge in learning. This makes understanding easy. Thus, knowledge is activated before the actual reading.  It also creates a mental image about a particular issue. Several related ideas may also evolve around the original issues that may lead to improvement of its features making the reader to view it in a different way.

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Comprehension is very important for any reading. Therefore, teachers should pay attention in making their students understand whatever the topic entails. In this context, schema theory tends to provide more information about other related issues with washing. Moreover, the theory tends to provide theoretical basis that can be followed to carryout a given action. One can easily follow the instructions and gain an insight on what is supposed to be done.

The theory focuses more on the psychology of the reader. Behaviors of individual to act in a certain way are also very important. Through the use of the model, the reader can develop new perceptions regarding the subject in question. The theory acts as an activation factor influencing the understanding of the reader. Moreover, it involves instructional strategies that make it more useful to the reader.

In our schemata model, the topic is “washing cloths”. Before even reading the theory part, the reader is able to study and analyze several related factor to the issue of washing. For example, the selling price, types of washing, what to use in washing among other related features.

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Schema theory also creates a considerably high ability of the reader to remember some occurrences. Normally, it is hard to forget the new information about a particular event or process. This is a similar case with schema theory as it replaces the old memories with a new set of information.

In learning, schema model allows students to have their topics organized in a more meaningful manner. It includes more variables as well as specifications of several issues. It acts as a mental representation. Thus, perceptions and comprehension that result from a given process are achieved. Using schema model, it is possible to integrate several aspects of a given topic into one.

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