Reasons for Transferring

I am a forth year student at Moscow State Medical University majoring in biology and I would like to transfer to a US college offering pre-medicine courses. I have a great interest for medicine and this is why I am pursuing a course in pre-medicine. My aim is to undertake a postgraduate course in medicine immediately I graduate from my undergraduate studies. I want to become a doctor so that I can help people attain good mental and physical health. Based on these reasons, I want to pursue my undergraduate degree in an institution, which offers more exposure in the field of medicine through numerous laboratory practical as well as real practices in medical field. I am aware that medicine colleges in the USA are among some of the learning institutions in the world that are equipped with the modern state-of-art laboratory equipments. In addition, medical colleges in the USA help their students get internship in some of the best medical institutions located in the USA. I am sure that by attending a medical college in the USA, I will be able to get an academic upgrade, which is one of my reasons for transferring.

Besides, US colleges offer active social life to their students. This is because they admit quite a number of international students, thus making their population heterogeneous. I am looking for a learning environment where I can enrich my social skills through interacting with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. I am optimistic that by transferring to a college in the USA, I will be able to achieve this objective.

Moreover, USA offers more career opportunities than my country. I would therefore like to acquire academic credentials from a college in the US so that I will be able to make use of them to explore the numerous career opportunities available in the USA.

I am looking forward to receive a kind response from you. Thank you.   

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