Serving the Purpose of Education

Kisautak’s ‘Serving the purpose of education’ brings out the educational expectations and specification of a school’s mission as well as the subject of monitoring educational tasks. She says that education is the lee way to success. All the teachers must try their best to guide the students in the best way so that the latter can achieve the best in their education. She also encourages the imparting of skills which are essential in the life of a student. This enables the student to come out as a self reliant and successful individual.

Kisautak also insists that cultural identity has to be maintained.  This is achieved in the school situation with the inclusion and use of songs, dance and teaching of morals like respect for the elders. Furthermore, she reiterates the fact that education must ensure that it addresses societal issues. This can be done by regular evaluation of policies, philosophies and goals. They must be compatible with present life. The graduates should be able to make life choices and to meet life’s demands.

She advises that in order to provide the best in education, there is a need to identify the expected end product and provide the best system for acquiring it. She adds that there need to be stability of programs and goals and more so the establishment of an effective school system.

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