Sexuality Education

Many schools are under extreme pressure to eliminate sexuality education including birth control methods and disease prevention strategies. Instead, they are focusing more on abstinence as a means to prevent AIDS and STDs. Abstinence-only program is a form of sexuality education that focuses on abstinence from sex and excludes topics such as sexual and reproductive health education such as birth control and safe sex. Many believe that sexuality education is not the right tool to educate school children, as young minds are more curious in nature and once they learn birth control methods and related things, they try to use them in their real world.

However, in my opinion, sexuality education is a must to control the present turmoil (prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases) that the world is facing severely. It is the responsibility of the educational institutions, especially schools to take an initiative to make students aware of the sexual health and related problems.

The controversy over sexuality education is itself a controversy in my opinion. Many people think that sexuality education program is absolutely a failure because it makes adolescents vulnerable about sex. They learn how to use contraceptives and how to safeguard themselves from sexually transmitted diseases before they reach the actual age to use them. And that’s why they are more involved in sexual activities than before.

However, in my opinion – it is an opportunity through which students can gain information, values and learn relationship skills so that they could resist themselves from becoming sexually active before they are ready to protect unprotected intercourse and help young people to become responsible, sexually healthy adults.

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