Skills Needed for Master of Education

Master’s in education is a long and intensive program for students wishing to specialize in a particular field in education, and acquire a theoretical and practical understanding of past and future experience in the field of education (Merriam, 1998). This helps an individual to gain useful skills in the educational profession. An individual earning a degree of Master in Education needs to have exceptional communication skills, both oral and written. These skills are used quite frequently and need to be connected with the informational technologies. Such skills usually have a substantial positive impact on the academic life of a student gaining Master’s degree.

Graduates in Master’s of Education program usually possess solid research skills, which they carry over to their teaching work. These skills include problem solving, conceptual thinking, data collection and analysis and feedback dissemination. The graduate also gains reputable organization skills, which are usually essential in the classroom, especially when one is involved in planning the Curriculum. These skills also help the graduate to be time conscious and consequently lead to be respectful administrator.

Joining a graduate school can be a real life investment that does not come easily. Some of these obstacles can result to a future never imagined. These obstacles include losing friends. This is an obstacle that needs to be weighed accordingly. When one joins a graduate school, time may never be enough to make appointments with friends. This becomes an obstacle in your studies in case losing some of the friends is something unaffordable (Crenshaw, 2009).

Another obstacle one may face when gaining a Master of Arts in Education degree is entertainment and exercise. This becomes an obstacle in your studies especially when going without it is a problem or impossible. Family contact is another obstacle. Meeting less friends, having no entertainment and exercises in your own house can be an expedient way of minimizing your challenges and thus enhancing your strength to study as good as possible in the master’s program.

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