Stipulative Definition Essay

As stipulative definition is a definition declaring a certain meaning explaining the characteristics of a thing.  It is used for an intended meaning. The statement of thesis is described as different people have to describe the meanings of loyalty differently in different contexts. The concept of loyalty is a complicated one and can be explained in a number of different ways. It has relationship with the terms like love which is unconditional, bravery, and family relations. So loyalty is a combination of all these different terms which are stated above. Devotion is basically the part and parcel of loyalty and without devotion it is not possible to define the element of loyalty. Loyalty is applicable in each and every domain of life for example whenever we have to talk about in terms of business then the word loyalty is taken into account in terms of trust which is being created between vendor and customers. In education industry the loyalty is treated as a sort of mutual understanding between teachers and students so both the examples present a sort of relationship among different communities and all come in the domain of loyalty. Loyalty is also based on the factor of honesty because without honesty the loyalty can never be achieved. So loyalty plays a vital role in human life i.e. it is a guide for whole humanity which tells the ways of a successful life. The love of children with parents and love of parents with children is a sort of stipulative definition of loyalty which parents and children have to show with each other. So loyalty here comprises in terms of unconditional love.

The word loyalty is also associated with many other terms like love, adoration, affection, desires, respect for others and devotion. So the meanings of loyalty also vary according to the situation or scenario like love. Love is also a form of loyalty which is stated above. There can be different forms and meanings as and when we have to explore it around the globe because the people will show different inclinations towards the meanings of love. But ultimately they have to focus the meanings in a same manner for example the love of parents and children is based on affection and respect, the love of employees and executives is based on outcome or desired results, the love of students and teachers is based on good relationships and even the love of teachers with students in terms of which one is more intelligent in the whole class. The role of feelings is also vital in the whole love scenario because in case of love it is essential that one must have to express his feelings and these feelings will ultimately reflect the terms through which one can find that in which way the love is being defined.


Loyalty is also defined in terms of words like Courage, bravery or boldness in different cases. It is also associated with different terms like respect, love, fear, admiration and many more. One of the most routine life examples is the relation of parents and children and in this relation parents have to stuff their children with courage whenever they have to feel some disturbance in their life and this sort of courage is some kind of love which from their parents. But the stipulative definition of courage varies when we have to talk about in terms of war between countries. This type of courage is required when there is an enmity between different countries and here the meaning of courage comes in terms of fear and it becomes essential that both the sides must have to show courage in order to protect their land and people. So according to the above stated scenarios courage has two different aspects i.e. positive and negative. The positive aspect of courage is in terms of progress and negative aspect is in terms of suppression of the poor one or weak one. In the above cases of parents and countries the term courage is taken in terms of improvement, love or affection because it is not destructive rather it is based on love with family and motherland while the negative courage is based on some rascality in which people try to suppress the poor one.

Loyalty is also defined in terms of shyness the meanings of shyness also vary by different people and in different scenarios. It is related with the terms like childhood traits, hesitation, fear, love, and timid. For example in an official environment people have to face shyness or hesitation in explaining their ideas they feel embarrassed or less confident in his or her feelings or ideas. There is some sort of fear among children if they would have to do some wrong deed unknowingly. The term masculinity is closely related to shyness because one who is more shy, timid or fearful is not with manly traits so masculinity defines the manly traits.

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