Students with Disabilities

According to the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, persons with disabilities are entitled to a number of rights. Students with special needs are also citizens of this country and should be always treated as such. This sector is dedicated to meeting each student’s educational needs.

All children are entitled to free education, under the FAPE. In May 2011, the Supreme Court in Albany listened to a case about a student with disability R vs. Steiner. It was about whether a student faced with physical and mental incapacitation had the right to receive tuition reimbursement. There were complications because of the disabilities definition and attributes that one had to posses or lack in order to qualify as a disabled student.

The judge allowed the case to go for appeal. Eventually the plaintiff won the case, and the student received his tuition reimbursement. The issues that manifested themselves in this case included the issue of free tuition and the rights of the disabled. The act catering to disabled students provides for a person to have their needs tailored according to their special needs. In this case, it was right to give the student back his tuition money because his condition did not allow him to continue studying.

It seems like there is an absence of political influence on this case. However, in some cases, issues pertaining disabilities tend to have an aspect of political forces operating behind the shadows. Concerning morality, it is always right to accord all people the same amount of respect and care. If a person is disabled, however, he/she deserves a higher level of consideration and care all together. Every student and teacher in the country should struggle to maintain an environment, where students with disabilities are comfortable and can easily partake in activities that are aimed to give them a bright future.

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