Theory and Case Work

In any field, it is virtually important to understand the theoretical concept behind each and every practical approach. This ensures that one becomes knowledgeable in regards to the expectations in a particular situation. A criminal justice professional is no exception in regards to the importance of understanding theory. This helps him in ensuring that he clearly understands the language and explanations that he ought to give to the offender. This helps in highlighting to the offender why his actions were offensive, and why he should not engage in any other activity that would cause any further harm to another party (Myers, 2005).

Understanding theory also helps in maintain and upholding professionalism while correcting the offender. It is in the course of going through theory that one clearly understands how to apply in a practical situation. This implies that the professional is in a better position to advice and correct the offender. While upholding professionalism, the professional also portrays to the offender that he is systemic and consistent in the advice that he gives to him. This creates a form of respect from the offender and he is able to take the advice given to him more seriously. In the end, he heeds to the advice that he is given.

When managing an offender, it is extremely crucial that the criminal justice professional understands each and every scope of the offense committed by the offender. This ensures that the professional is able to carry out the needed assessment in regards to the case in question. Also, counseling plays a crucial role in making the professional understand the manner in which to handle the offender. Casework is also vital in order for the professional to understand all the approaches that should be applied in the course of the dealing and managing the offender in question.

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