Training and Development

Training and development is a field of human resource management that aims at maximizing the output of employees and management. Marketing, advertising, and distributing industries all require training and management to foster good performance as well as promote customer satisfaction. Human resource management deals mostly with the issue of training and developing unsurpassed performance from junior employees or potential candidates for more challenges positions.

The rationale for choosing training and development as the topic for this paper is to sensitize marketing strategies to the interested lot while educating the human resource management on the issues that they may be overlooking. Considering the credit crunch of 1929 and the financial crisis of 2000, the paper draws purpose to investigate the reason some organizations are hard hit by economic crisis than other and the role played by training and development.

Statement of the research question

If training and development is a mechanism of bettering the performance of individuals and groups in industrial and organizational setting, does the level of training and development have a direct effect to the general performance of the organizations?


The objectives of this research would be to:

  • Investigate the importance of training and development in marketing industry;
  • Measure the level of application and effect training and development has on performance;
  • Investigate the methods and means used for training and development and the reasons for their choice; and
  • To link the benefits of training and development with general performance of a sample organization and highlight why training and development should or should not be used by human resource management.


Methods of collecting data and presenting research finding s would be as following:

  • Mixed research method would be the main method of data collection and presentation.
  • Qualitative research method would be used as part of the mixed method to facilitate descriptive analysis for collected data.
  • Quantitative research method would be used as part of the missed method to facilitate tallying and strengthen the flaws of qualitative method.
  • Data collected would be analyzed using SPSS software for windows.
  • Data to be presented would be in both numerical and descriptive formats, this would create a simpler and better understanding of the variables.

The main sources of information for this research would be primarily library books and journals from different sectors of the economy. Library books would be expected to provide the basic knowledge and fundamentals of training and development. Journals on the other hand, would provide practical examples in the field of marketing and application of training and development in such sector. The fundamental and basic knowledge from books would be applied to explain the use and importance of training and development in the human resource management and its overall effect on the performance of organizations.

Purpose of research

Human resource management is the highest yet the closest department of any organization to the employees. By highest, I mean that every employee has to go through this department for interviewing inspite of their application standards. By closest, I mean,for the application of training and development, there must be constant conduct between management and the employees. For this matter, the purpose of this research would be to investigate the role that training and development plays with the organizational setting. The units of measurement will be the level of effect brought by training and development. Thiswill then be analyzed and proposed to human resource managements across the marketing industry and other related industries to foster understanding and performance growth rate. The research aim and purpose is not to give heads up to for-profit organizations only reasons for using training and development, but to also encourage not for-profit organizations to put up mechanism that would enhance their output.

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