Unit Planning with Multiple Intelligences


I would generate students’ interest in the topic by relating the topic to their real life situations. They would be motivated to listen to it more because of its relationship to their daily lives. Students would be more interested in the topic because it would help them solve some of their life problems as it is closely connected. In addition, I would create interest in the topic by sharing with the students a movie related to the topic.  According to Reys, Lindquist, Lambdin, & Smith (2008). This would help them get more attracted and concentrate on every bit. In order to understand their background knowledge of the topic, I would ask them simpler questions relating to the topic. I would gauge their understanding basing on their answers.

I will teach the topic both theoretically and practically. I would ensure that students get both the theoretical and practical part of the topic. This would make it easier for them to apply the topic in their daily activities. I would use the real life situations to make the topic understandable among students. I would relate every part of the topic to their daily life situations and ensure that they develop a deeper understanding. In order to ensure that they grasp all the concepts relating to the topic, I would group them into small study groups. Learn, Teachers, Donovan, & Bransford (2005) points out that study groups would ensure that they discuss among themselves and do more research relating to the topic.

Students would demonstrate that they have learnt the taught topic by asking more questions relating to the topic. They would also discuss the topic with more ideas hence indicating their understandability. Students would also show that they understand the topic by coming up with newer ideas relating to the topic.

I would use to significant assessment. Firstly, I would give a test that would help me gauge their grasp of vital standards taught. Higher performance would indicate a deeper understanding of the topic while lower scores are an indication of slower understanding. Lastly, I would use a brainstorming analysis. Students should be able to come up with as many ideas as possible in order to indicate their understandability of the topic.

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