What is Education?

With all those around me including my parents and grandparents being teachers, I have developed a unique interest in exploring education, its meaning and purpose. I have come across various textual and ideological controversies on what education really means. While some scholars restrict education to academic skills, others argued that education should integrate knowledge in other forms of skills. Today I meet many students pursuing knowledge without necessarily understanding its value.

Looking at people who have greatly achieved, I am tempted to believe that their progress is because they had some unique skills other then just passing some memorized tests. I find it very unfortunate that instead of focusing on imparting students with a complete knowledge, today’s education system focuses much on the collection of knowledge without clear purpose. Even worse is that the society is also socialized to believe in measurable results with this kind of education system determining the students’ employability for the rest of their lives. This is why our students are academically challenged and motivationally starved. The education system must go beyond the set curriculum to committing itself towards the liberating humans from the restraints and limitations of ignorance and dependency.

I believe that what robs our education of its value is the emphasis laid on the performance that can be measured. Taking the written test as the measuring tool is not education at all. It leaves out skills such as knowledge processing which according to me are very basic in any education process. I strongly believe that simple classroom tests can never succeed in measuring the intelligence of students. It instead works to limit the value of Knowledge gained by students. Tests simple prepare the students to accept the status quo while killing their creativity. The education system I see today is a system that is based on the ability of students to memorize things. Based on this memorized selected knowledge, tests which have nothing to do with knowledge processing are given to students.

Education should be aimed at developing a sustainable love for learning in students something that a system emphasizing on ability to memorize can never achieve. I therefore believe that there is need for advocating for a change of focus on our education systems. I believe in education system that integrates all the skills in the learning process. A real education can be achieved by using a custom design that addresses the unique abilities of each student and while working to motivate them.

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