Why is Psychology Important

The study of psychology has provided human beings with the understanding of how they interact with their environment and each other. According to Michael, Garry & Kirsch (2012), psychology has contributed immensely to the understanding of behaviors of human beings, animals and the environment. It presents the highest form of understanding that people can use to investigate the causative factors of things in their surroundings. Similarly, psychology is peculiar in a manner that it touches on all aspects that define human interaction and behavior. The faculty of psychology is practiced by almost all human beings in one way or another albeit sometimes unconsciously.

Definition of Psychology

Michael, Garry & Kirsch (2012) note that psychology is the scientific study of behavior and mental process that applies to all human activities. It can be applied from educational, religious, and to social behaviors. It is an amalgam of both the body and mind and circumstances, according to which these two are related. These scholars state that almost everything that human beings engage in has a psychological perspective even though people may not realize. It involves the discovery of who human beings are, why they are that way, and what they are capable of doing. Psychology uses scientific approaches through the establishment of general principles and investigation of particular cases to make conclusions.

Functions of Psychology

Psychology plays a big role in educating people how to deal with the challenges as they interact with each other. Similarly, psychology has helped in enhancing the understanding of certain life threatening diseases and, therefore, their management too. For instance, by means of clinical psychology, psychologists have studied diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s disease and many others diseases that are related to neurology. The understanding of these diseases has helped in formulating remedies in the laboratory by scientists. As a result, many people have been assisted from the application of psychology in discovering medicines. Similarly, psychology continues to help in addressing of mental problems and other abnormal behaviors that are isolated to human nature.

Psychology is also useful in schools, because it helps in identifying students’ problems and, therefore, assists in their learning. Even in schools, evaluation of students is based on the psychological findings of their abilities and inabilities. Programs like Intelligence Test have been instrumental in placing students with special learning disabilities in groups for closer assistance. Moreover, students can get proper guidance from their teachers with the help of psychological evaluation. Hence it simplifies the process of learning.  Additionally, teachers identify students that are extra attentive through the application of educational psychology (Michael, Garry & Kirsch, 2012).

Another function of psychology is to provide an insight on how to deal with anticipated problems. This is made possible by psychologists documenting all kinds of problems that have been addressed. For instance, the understanding of how the body and mind work will help in managing some of the complicated situations such as time management, stress control, and effective communication. Finally, psychology helps in addressing the psychological illnesses like mental problems and depression. It is also useful in psychological analysis, which is credited with the discovery of medicines of this nature.

Application of Psychology in Other Disciplines

Most of the programs that are taught in schools require the application of psychological aspects that involve better use of the mind and body. It is mandatory that psychology to be taught in all programs. This course enables students to acquire life skills such as management of time, good communication, courtesy, and general good behavior that are vital in every working environment. Similarly, psychological insights are helpful in understanding how people interact with one another in the same environmental setting. It also helps people to orientate their sexual relationship as per their gender. People are able to infer their gender and, therefore, choose their partners according to the psychological understanding.

Psychology and Profession

Williams, Satterwhite & Saiz (1998) observe that psychology is helpful and applicable in all areas of human endeavors. They state the importance of understanding the particular area of psychology relevant to people’s area of specialization, since it is a multifaceted subject that cannot be utilized in one profession. Each profession is represented in psychology and thus, a learner will find psychology applicable in whichever profession they choose to undertake. Additionally, every profession involves dealing with other people and psychology provides a way in which we can understand other people’s behavior and actions.

Psychological Influence on Life in General

As a social science, psychology is central because it helps in understanding of environment and behavior and can sometimes be used to solve some of the daily dilemmas like why one engages himself/herself in certain activities. Considering professional sphere, psychology is important in helping to understand the social context that one is going to work in. All professionals work in a setting that includes an interaction with other people; psychology will be useful in solving problems like effective communication, time management, and general courtesy. In addition, psychology makes it possible for one to interact with difficult people and be able to cope with any situation regardless of the condition prevailing. Furthermore, psychology will be beneficial in management of stress and anger control in the work place. In general, psychology defines all aspects of a professional in almost every field that one chooses to pursue (Williams, Satterwhite & Saiz, 1998).

Psychological Influence on Behavior and Relationships

According to Hetland (1996), behavior and relationships are psychological characteristics of people even though people do not realize that their behaviors and relationships are defined by their social, psychological orientation. This means that the study of psychology is important because it will be useful in determining the kind of behavior one engages in. For instance considering sports group, psychology is responsible for the behavior of fans while they watch a football match. Knowledge of the influence of group psychology in such an environment will prevent one from engaging in hooliganism and thus avoid dangers. Equally, psychology defines how we relate with strangers and those people that we are well acquainted with. It is normal to see people, who are strangers, behaving in activities that are not normal to them. Some tend to be too humble and introverted, while others are excited and inquisitive. All these are actions that are psychologically controlled.

Knowledge of psychology is important in understanding how people behave and relate with one another. Although it is observed by Hetland (1996) that behaviors are instinctual and cannot be changed, the knowledge of what one is expected of will most likely affect the way they behave. Psychological instincts work in such a manner that they sometimes force someone to abide by the accepted form of behavior even if it is for a short period. Similarly, relationships are formed depending on the psychological orientation of people. For instance, gender relationship, workplace relationships, and the general friendships that exist among the people are all dependent on the psychological aspects of those people. Psychology influences on the person’s surrounding, way to behave and process of decision making.


It is evident that psychology is an important subject that defines all aspects that concern human beings. It incorporates scientific methods in trying to understand human behavior, actions, and processes. Human beings have come up with remedies and explanations to some of the most baffling illnesses of man using the data base of psychology. Additionally, psychology is important because it helps in time management, stress control, and also defines how people behave and relate with one another in a social setting. 

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