Why Students Should Study at St. Thomas University

There are many small and big universities but choosing one that best suit one’s interest may be a hard decision to make. However, each type of university has its advantages and disadvantages. Level of education and the marketability of degree courses should be the key factors to consider when choosing a university. Small university are easily and more manageable. Big university may have big and variety facilities but they often appear crowded and accounting for each and every student becomes a challenge to the lecturers and the school’s administration at large.

Saint Thomas University is a small public and a catholic liberal school in Fredericton, New Brunswick. The university goes back to 1860 but it was established in 1910. It offers degrees in liberal arts, social workers, economic humanities, journalism and education and it has approximately 3,000 students. One of the good things about St. Thomas University is the fact that the classes are small and less crowded and this decreases the lecturer to student ratio. (Glass, 36)This makes easy for the lecturer’s to assess the performance of all the students. Student performance in small schools like St. Thomas University has a higher likelihood of being escalated with minimal efforts as compared to that of big universities because all the students can uniformly be involved in class activities, discussion groups, and numerous continuous assessment tests. However, there has been underlying misconceptions about the school size and the level of academic activities in small universities. The fact is, small universities may be small in terms of size but the level of academic activities is mostly high.

Studying in St. Thomas university is a great experience because higher percentage of students are more likely to indulge into school’s sport teams and most probably participate in school competitions unlike in other bid universities where students are very many as compared to the small group of players that is required to make up a school team in all the variety games. Distance learning, online learning and e learning is far much convenient in small universities because of the small and manageable size of students.

Small universities are more likely to produce better results because of the small number of students. Small universities are more compact, easy to navigate, less congested, environment friendly in terms of noise. Success of any student is unlikely to go unnoticed and this will helps them feel that they count. Students at St. Thomas have developed a sense of pride, a positive attitude and sense of personal possession to its students. The students are involved in class participations and they can easily get back to their lecturer’s for clarifications. This is so because their lecturers are less busy for they have less research to do since the school is small. Lectures in small universities are done by professors and students have more freedom in their curriculum. This freedom enables the students take and major in courses that they want. In the effort to make small universities flourish, they usually receive per student funding and this helps the university purchase many equipments enabling all the students access effectively without crowding. 

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