Why Students Should Study Overseas

Education is important to an individual since it equips an individual with life skills. Education can be acquired in learning institutions both within and outside the national boundaries. Studying abroad is beneficial to an individual for a number of reasons. First, studying abroad broadens the mind of a student while increasing the critical thinking skills of the student. It enables the student to increase their interpersonal and communication skills since they will be able to interact with other students from diverse cultures. Studying abroad helps students explore different places ion the world. All these experiences add to the career experiences of the students making them better placed to compete in interviews. This paper examines the reasons as to why studying abroad is preferred to studying within a country.

All the new experiences that come with studying abroad will broaden the student’s way of thinking. The students while on international studies will learn many new things that are not available in their domestic country such as different culture and geographic as well as other things that are done differently from the home country. All these gained experiences will help the student to broaden the perspectives in which the student views things. For instance, learning abroad in technical subjects such as agriculture helps learn new ways of dealing with agricultural issues (Mary and Courtney, 2010).

Studying abroad avails many opportunities of a students to choose a course in line with his or her location of studying abroad. Most colleges and learning institutions offer study abroad options for their students depending on the course of the student. The opportunity to study abroad can enable students to undertake internships that will help them gain international experience in intercultural development. Intercultural development of students is important for enhancing the interpersonal and communication skills of students. Moreover, it boosts the public speaking confidence and ability of students. Intercultural development and understanding of students of other cultures helps them appreciate other cultures while being very understanding and accommodating to them. Intercultural development is highly encouraged at the workplaces since it helps students fit in a team (Curran, 2010).

Apart from developing interpersonal communication skills, studying abroad enables students to travel and undertake adventures. Adventure and travelling activities are enjoyable is done for pleasure. They enable students to relax away from home. Students who love adventure and travelling can undertake studying abroad in a country of their choice depending on their course just for adventure. Having adventure as one studies will enable the students enjoy new places. They will relax away from the monotonous home environment. Relaxation will enhance their learning hence increasing their knowledge acquisition capability. While on adventure tours, the students will encounter new things that they have never come across before (Reese and Strivastava, 2010).

Despite studying locally being cheap as compared to studying abroad, students studying locally do not gain the intercultural experience of interacting with other cultures. Therefore, their intercultural communication skills are poorly developed. Additionally, they do not have the opportunities to travel and adventure other parts leading to narrow thinking. Basing on these reasons, studying abroad is better than studying locally.

It is clear that learning abroad is better than learning within one’s country, learning abroad enables students to gain intercultural understanding of different cultures. This is essential for appreciation of the different cultures. Additionally, there is knowledge development and development of interpersonal and communication skills. Adventure and career experience add to the list of the benefits of studying abroad. Summing up, all these experiences lead to the broadening of critical thinking of the students. Although it is costly and many people may not afford it, studying abroad has more benefits than studying locally. Therefore, studying abroad is more preferred than studying locally. 

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